Living in ravaged North East, families face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and many more. JDF has been carrying out numerous interventions including cash transfers.

GBV Activities

in Women Safe Space
Continous trainings
Building capacity in women

How do you end global poverty? You start with kids.

Jireh Doo Foundation envisions a better life for the underprivileged in our society

We are committed to improving the lives of the underprivileged through quality service delivery, resource mobilization, capacity development for relevant stakeholders, and inclusive partnerships.

Our Projects

Jireh Doo Foundation has executed many projects in the humanitarian and development sub-sectors.


Jireh Doo Foundation works in 6 broad program areas

1. Gender, Women, and Single Parents
2. Child Development and Adolescent Empowerment
3. HIV and Health
4. Good Governance and Policy
5. Humanitarian Response 6. Knowledge and Information Management

Jireh Doo Foundation upholds the following values;

  • Respect for human rights
  • Ensuring integrity in our relationship with stakeholders
  • Make transparency and accountability a priority in all our actions.
  • Encourage team work
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence
  • Value for Money



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Our mission is to improve the lives of the underprivileged

We are an NGO registered in Nigeria.